Adventure Kids After School Club (4 to 11 years)

Our Little Learners Room offers a happy, safe, and stimulating environment for children to play, learn, grow, and develop.   

Staff in our Little Learners Room are highly qualified and experienced. They provide a range of well-planned and exciting activities based on the children’s needs, abilities and interests. Children are encouraged to gain independence, follow instructions and become more confident in order to develop skills for the future. 

A selection of resources are available for children to access independently. The room is arranged with mark-making materials, numeracy and literacy equipment, construction toys, puzzles, small world toys, creative area, investigation and a home corner. There is a quiet book corner in which children can relax whilst reading their favourite books. 

The curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage and covers the seven areas of learning which include Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social, and Emotional Development, Literacy, Maths, Understanding of the World and Expressive arts and design. 

During the session children are encouraged to use the outdoor area to explore the natural world and develop a healthy and active lifestyle. This is further developed at snack and mealtimes where children are educated on healthy eating and a balanced diet 

Regular outings are organised to further enhance children’s learning by visits to local parks and embrace the local environment 

Weekly music session by a specialist music teacher encourage children’s self-expression and love of music through song, dance, movement games and musical instruments

‘’ I find After School Club fun and exciting because every day there is something new to do and I see my best friend on Mondays!!!!’’ 

‘’ Is always fun and never boring. The outdoors is still open even when it’s dark. There is lots of toys. Chaz is also fun!!!!’’